The 1st RC33 Regional Conference on Social Science Methodology: Asia
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Call for Papers 

Abstract SubmissionNow through January 31, 2017
Conference Date: September 11-14, 2017
Conference Venue: Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Conference Sessions:
‧Spatial Analysis
‧Process-Oriented Micro-Macro-Analysis: Mixing Methods in Longitudinal Analysis and Historical Sociology
‧Cultural Response Styles
‧Conducting Research in Chinese Organizations
‧Simulation of Complex Societal Systems: a Methodological Challenge
‧Address-based Sampling for Social Survey with Improved Study Design and Technology
‧Semi-standardized Data Collection Methods and Data Quality in Survey Research
‧New Developments in the Use of Quantitative Organizational Data
‧Social Science Methodology for Research on Women’s Careers
‧Cross-National Studies of Social Attitudes as Modernization Indicators: Measuring and Analyzing Family Values, Gender Roles, and Sexual Norms in Asia
‧Assessing the Quality of Survey Data
‧Reflecting on Failed Research
‧Sampling and Data Collection Practices on Special Populations
‧Collecting Rich Paradata to Monitor Data Collection Quality: Case Studies from Asian Countries
‧Ethical Issues in the Modern Era of Data Use and Collection
‧Crafting Family Stories
‧Extrapolating Hidden Linguistic Essentials of Cognitive & Non-cognitive Items in Large Scale Surveys
‧Reciprocal Causality between Public Opinion and Social Policy
‧Towards More Visual Research Methodologies?  (Co-session with WG03)
‧Prospects and Limitations of Mixed Methods Research 

‧Contemporary Ethnographic Practice
‧Empirical Survey Research on Socio-economic Inclusive Development: Asian Perspective
‧Recent Advances in Analyzing Social Network Data Collected via Online Social Media and Mobile Devices
‧Linking Biography and Life Course Analysis
‧Open Session

Submit your abstract onlinehttp://survey.sinica.edu.tw/rc33-taipei/

Organizing Committee
Dr. Pei-shan Liao, Center for Survey Research, RCHSS, Academia Sinica
Dr. Su-hao Tu, Center for Survey Research, RCHSS, Academia Sinica
Professor Fumiya Onaka, Department of Studies on Contemporary Society, Japan Women’s University